Github Sync - JSONs escapes double-quotes breaking the keys

Hello, I’m trying to have my i18n resources synced on Github nicely and ready but I’m struggling to do so as using the JSON String Exporter as I cannot select the Crowdin System JSON Format within the bundle produces key with escaped double-quotes.

I tried also using Custom Bundle Generator Format to have my JSON and same result.

I have a JSON like these:
- For key value pair non-nested.
"\"mykey.specific\"": "my translation"
- For key value nested if .
""mykey\"": { "nestedkey\": "my translation" }

The issue is that within the “strings” within Crowdin I have these saved as “my.keys” so putting this in JSON would become ““my.keys”” which is somewhat correct, but these were not created in these way out of free will but by importing nonetheless a same JSON structure file.
{ "my.key": "Hello my friend" } will generate key “my.key” and NOT just my.key resulting in duplication with the one already existing.

Hi @WarrenWolff,

You can import your JSON in the needed format from your repo by specifying the type “i18next_json” in your configuration file. You are welcome to check more details on the matter by following the link below:

Hi @TaniaM ,

thank you for the answer, so within my crowdin.yml I can specify the type I will give a try.

But also the urgency comes from uploading manually into the platform, when someone download them and then upload them the key generated are all with double-quotes, which then even if I put i18next_json would break as it is correct.

Let’s say I create on the platform string key: my.key then download it JSON format, it is correct, someone does some changes and then upload, what will happen is that Crowdin will have the old
my.key and also "my.key"

Hi @WarrenWolff , if that happens with the manual upload, you may try to use File Import Tweak app and enable it each time when the file is uploaded manually: