Github integration settings

Hello there. Just wondering how Github integration works under the hood. If I pause it, what will be? If I let’s say move synchronization schedule from 1 hour to 24 hours, would it run synchronization only by that time? So I will receive updates to source files only once per 24 hours? Please advice.

Hi @TiroliTemar

It’s based on API as far as I know. If you pause it, no new translation would reach your GitHub, unless you resume it. For the synch time, well, almost. Under the hood it checks your sources in GitHub every 10-20 minutes, in case there’s some new stings or updates, it brings it to Crowdin.

Schedule in application settings means synch from Crowdin to GitHub. Like Pull Request with new translations or approvals. Personally me using synch once per 12 hours (having pull requests each 10 minutes is too much :sweat_smile:) but I saw somewhere here people were discussing bot that automatically approves all requests from Crowdin, I guess with it you can use 10 minutes schedule perfectly.

For more info check this guide (Synchronization section):