Github integration logic

So, what’s the logic of Github - Crowdin synchronisation? In my integration it is set up to be in 1 hour, so if calculated it’s 24 times for a day and night.

Despite that, my observation makes me think that it’s more often. In activity I can see that yesterday there were 34 times the sources were bring to Crowdin, a day before yesterday, 43 times. So, it seems to trigger synch more often that 1 time per hour. How this can be expained?

It’s like once per 10 minutes or something like that. About 4-6 times per hour if I’m not mistaken. The synch schedule is only for your translations, sources are synched without any connection to that option, like 4-6 times per hour. Most users do not notice that because not update the branch so oftenly, but it’s about 10 minutes.