Github integration isn't working

The last days I have some troubles with synchronization between crowdin and github. Sync Now button behaved very strage and actually did nothing, so I re-set the integration from scratch. It helped for awhile, at least I was able to see the PR in git. But after that the synchronization was not working again. Translations doesn’t leave the crowdin. There are no changes in git repository, and there are no errors in crowdin.

Hi @cosodevteam,

If there were no new or edited translations in Crowdin, then there would be nothing to sync to your repo. The sync occurs only when some changes are made on the Crowdin side. If some changes are not synced to your repo, you are welcome to share some more details and examples on the matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi @TaniaM , of course I did some changes before sync, so I could compare them. But it didn’t work. I’ve just found that 2 hours ago PR was created, but the thing is - I run synchronization 6 hours ago, moreover I have set 1-hour Sync Schedule. Is it possible that it’s related to some kind of lags on your side?
P.S. Yep, it looks like it’s up again. I guess you did something on your side, because I didn’t touch it since this post.
Really appreciate it!

@cosodevteam ,

Happy to hear that it works! :slight_smile:

There may be some delay indeed. Also, sometimes it may be necessary to close the current PR to receive the new one.

In case some additional questions arise, feel free to let us know!