GitHub Integration - How to change translation directory properly

Before my repository on GitHub had this file structure: GitHub - FilipePS/Traduzir-paginas-web at c27ff58d29ae00f3d99e726975d2d6b0c214cae8

So the crowdin.yml file was configured like this:

  - source: /_locales/en/messages.json
    translation: /_locales/%two_letters_code%/messages.json

I moved all the project files to a src folder, and changed the “crowdin.yml” file to:

  - source: /src/_locales/en/messages.json
    translation: /src/_locales/%two_letters_code%/messages.json

The problem with doing this is that Crowdin deleted the “messages.json” file and created a new “messages.json”. This lost all translation history, all individual contributions.

As you can see here: Translate Web Pages Project Activity Stream

How can I fix this?
I want to keep the project inside the src folder, and for crowdin to keep all the previous contribution history.

Or better yet. Remove the automatic integration with GitHub, keep the contribution history, and create an automation script to get the new contributions.
It is very strange for the user to select the file like this:

Hello @FilipePs

Please check the file ID. How do you perform the movement? In case ID were changes, file would be considered to be the new one, no chance to change it. You can run the Translation memory pre-translation, it would restore translation but without authority - you will be author of suggestions.

If it’s recorded somewhere (should be something like you deleted the file, you added the file - it’s not you, but the integration if timerange meets actions). - undo this actions, then enable duplicate options and upload the content manually, so new stings would become duplicates, and will share ttranslation from master one (the old one). Then delete old one, connect your file and do the same workflow. As a result only 1 branch remains with autrhority of suggestions,

Only things accept Github that can be automated is CLI, Git Actions, and API v2 Reference

If I move the _locales folder out of the src folder again. And change the file crowdin.yml to the previous version, when applying synchronization with Github will the file change history come back?

Note: I canceled all translations made after the file was deleted and created again.

Depends what user you are. As I know Open source allows to access “File revision” and revert it, in case the file exists, but in Free plan this feature is disabled. Probably you can do “undo” over an over, but I’m not sure whether it’ll work with integration (just know it works works with files uploaded directly from laptop or server into Crowdin).

If file was deleted from Crowdin, the only possibility to bring back the authority of translation is to do “undo” in activity over and over. So, most likely, regardless of folders, you’ll need to run the pre translation to make things translated again.