GitHub Integration failing

On different repositories and branches, with and without crowdin.yml I keep getting “Something went wrong on the integration service. Please try again in a few moments.”, and after a few more attempts “Someone is already connecting integration. Please try again later.”. After some bruteforce I managed to add at least one repo and branch, but thats it. I know that on a free plan this is usually the sign that the number of integrations are exhausted, but it is an open source project. Any hints I can try?

EDIT: Yes, it was indeed the integration limitation.

Some plans has branch limits. Even though integration is limitless, you still have branches to be restricted. So, now all is fine?

Yes, after increasing the branch limitation it works great. Nevertheless I would suggest a proper error message, this is the second time I stumbled across this “error”.

Had the same one in the past. Yes, the message may be fine. Probably Crowdin will add one in the future.