GitHub integration doesn't delete the branch on Crowdin that I've removed from my repository

Hi! I’ve encounted something that really frustrates me, I don’t know whether it is some kind of a bug or I haven’t indicated some setting option or smth. We have a project on Crowdin with a GitHub connected, and I’ve connected 3 branches to the project. After some time, I’ve decided to remove the third branch from the repository - simply deleted it, but it still exists on Crowdin and whenever our localization manager downloads the translations on her side, she still gets the third branch! What I’d expect is that once I delete the branch from repo, it will be deleted from Crowdin project. How can I make it “gone forever” without manually removing it from the project each time? I mean it’s fine to remove it manually, but I do know that we’ll have more branches in the future, and therefore I’ll be deleting some branches from time to time. Is there something I’ve missed?


I’m preety sure that it is not a bug :slight_smile: I had a similar issue, but with files, I’ve been removing them from the repo, but the files still were in our Crowdin project. I’ve reached out to Crowdin on the matter, and they’ve explained that whenever you remove anything from the repository (doesn’t mattter if it is a branch or a file), it is recommended to use the Sync Now option in the Integration settings. The system just needs to adjust the changes that you’ve made on the repo, therefore it best to sync the project and repo right after that. When the syncing was finished, all the files that I’ve removed were completelly gone in the project :smiley: Hope it’ll help removing the branches for you as well!

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