Github integration created a duplicate source file

My project uses Github integration and it has seemed to work well for several rounds of translation work on Crowdin going into a PR on Github, but just now I added a few lines to the source file (there’s only one, “lang-en.json”), and the sync seems to have pulled in the updated source file as a separate copy of the same file that already existed in the project (Crowdin).

How can I best resolve this so that I have only a single copy of the source file in the Crowdin project, and future syncs with Github correctly update rather than duplicate that source file when it changes, all without losing any of the existing translations (which I think may be associated with only one copy of the source file and not the other).

Thanks for any ideas!

Hi @taleden!

Could you please send the link to your project and screenshots showing the issue to

If you have any other details that might be helpful send them too.