Github integration briefly misbehaving

Our Github integrations mysteriously disappeared around 2 weeks ago. When we went to recreate the integration, we were unable to create one, with a message that read something like “you have exceeded the number of branches allowed under your plan.” At that point we had no visible integrations.

However CrowdIn immediately made a push to the _l10n service branch which we had previously configured it to do so. (It still showed there was no integration.) It did not create a PR on this branch however.

Today we logged in again and were able to create a new integration identical to the one that had disappeared, no errors or other mysteries. It immediately made a on the service branch.

Has anyone else noticed unusual behavior like this with their GitHub integration?

Hi @tola_mercycorps,

Can you please let me know the name of the project where you are working so we can double-check it from our side?

Hello @Olena thank you for responding! It is a private project called tola

Hello @tola_mercycorps,

From my side, I don’t see any issues that would cause this behavior. I only see the second about an error with branch creation from plan limitations.

Could be that you still had the branch in your Crowdin sources from the old integration, therefore you couldn’t connect a new branch.

Please, let us know if you encounter this issue again so we could investigate it in-depth.