Github integration alerts

any way to get an alert email when the github sync fails? this has happened 3 times to us in recent past and the fix is just to login, edit and save the integration without changing anything. problem is we don’t notice it for many weeks or months so it’s getting where we can’t trust this software anymore. any ideas?

Hi @scottbeam,

Did you make any changes to your configuration file on your repo before the integration stopped working?

none. it seems to just randomly quit working every 6 months or so. very frustrating since we don’t have headcount to babysit it

Hi @scottbeam , let us check this with the team

Hi @scottbeam got the update for you and the notification about Git integration disconnection is sent by default to e-mail

do you mean an email is automatically sent? can you tell me who it would have been sent to?

Dear @scottbeam , it’ll be sent to the e-mail of an account who set the integration