GitHub integ.: only some new directories appear in crowdin after dir. structure change in repo

Hi, the GitHub integration has been working fine for several years for my app.

I changed the source directory structure in my app, which impacts the location of almost all the translation source files (Bundle*.properties files). I checked that my crowdin.yml file could match the translation source files at their new locations.

After GitHub sync with crowdin, on a few dozens of new directories I can only see very few new directories in Crowdin. In the image below, the app/ dir should contain about 30 subdirs (which contain translation source files), but only 6 are visible:

I forced a new sync, checked there is no sync errors, and waited more than 24hrs but still the same, a few new files are present but most of them are missing.

Hi @jjazzboss,

The new files correspond to the configuration file settings, correct? Did you try to click Pause/Resume? Could you please also send us your project ID?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

This the jjazzlab project (I have only one).

Yes the crowdin.yaml matches all the bundle*.properties files whatever the directories.

In the git integrqtion window the sync was marked completed with no errors so I did not have to pause/resume.

Hello @jjazzboss!

I have restarted the integration from my side in your project and I can see that the sources have appeared. The Pause/Resume should work for you in this case in the feature - since it helps not only when you have errors, but also restarts the sync of source files completely. It helps in cases where you change the configuration and such.