Github export replacing strings with '-'

For certain strings, crowdin is replacing the actual translation with ‘-’ when I export to github. It’s happening for all the instances of the string across all languages.

How can I get the actual translations back? They’re still correct in crowdin’s UI. I’ve tried deleting and recreating the github integration but that hasn’t fixed it.

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Maybe this is hidden stings in the file. Or some duplicates. What’s you configuration file (crowdin.yml)? Can you send it here (without access token in top of file)? Also, maybe check translation export patter, probably there’s a language code conflict. Codes are here Language Codes | Crowdin Developer Portal

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Here’s the crowin.yml file: Translations/crowdin.yml at master · NQN-Discord/Translations · GitHub

I checked and there’s no duplicate strings for the locales.

However, when I check the files, it says

Wrong export pattern. Translations will not be exported for the languages that share the same language code.

It’s not obvious to me what this means, or if it’s relevant to this. In the crowdin yml file, I have the translations set up as /translation/%locale_with_underscore%_%three_letters_code%/**/%original_file_name%. I think that’s correct. My translations include chinese simplified and traditional, and they share a three letter code, but that’s OK to my understanding as I also have the locale with underscores.

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Would you have a chance to change to something like %locale% to see whether it’ll change the behaviour? Having Chinese S and T separately should make some result

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No matter what I set the export to, the files are still marked as ‘needs attention’ with wrong export pattern. Changing the locale in the crowdin.yml file also has no effect.

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Those stings, do they have something in common? Can you share one of them, or a file that contains them and mark is somehow?

For export pattern, I’d reccomend using somethign like


So the result will be /translation/…/zh-cn/file.file or …/zh-tw/file.file

For sttings, please share some of them, I mean url from editor, because from screenshots it’s not possible to make any sugestion. Or the history of this stings (3 dots - history) also from editor.

From my perspective, the strings have nothing in common. This is the PR which things got broken in: New Crowdin updates (#493) · NQN-Discord/Translations@760c3a7 · GitHub. An example string is end_previous_n. They’re all in that string’s rough ‘area’.

I tried to change the export pattern to /translation/%locale%/**/%original_file_name% and it’s still not resolved it:
The files are no longer marked as ‘needs attention’ in the UI though, it needed a page refresh for the red marker to go away.

Under the history, there is just one revision listed, even though I’ve been regularly updating the strings via github (not import). From the editor, it shows as only being edited once in October 2022

In the crowdin interface, it looks fine: Crowdin (I think that URL is what you were asking for.)

There is a problem in your source content, for example:

The system process “Move end message %{count} before” as an array item instead of a regular plan string. Can you please put the string across the key, as you did here:

Your string should become:

end_previous_n: Move end message %{count} before

I oftenly use this tool, fixes everything in yaml files

Thanks, that worked.

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