Github - "Cannot commit file updates to the remote server" 422 Unprocessable Entity


I set up yesterday the Github integration but somehow it fails to upload my changes into a commit in the appropriate branch. Any idea? See issue below:

It seems the issue is because of my language file structure. My files are PHP files with includes the translations such as:

return [
    'header' => [
        'search' => 'Recherche',
        'favorites' => 'Favoris',
        'notifications' => 'Notifications',
        'langs' => 'Langues',
        'theme' => 'Thème',
        'logout' => 'Déconnexion',

On another account, I could make sync with GitHub work perfectly with Apple .strings files…

Hello there, we support .php files, please see the sample:

Can you confirm whether Build and download from the UI works as expected?