Ghost integration hangs

After getting the Ghost integration to work on a /dev site I’m now trying to use it on production.

I updated the url and it now hangs

It said 'check expiration of the token.

Hello @sam_uk

Are you using this integration? Can you confirm you’ve followed this guide step-by-step?

Perhaps re-generating the access token will help, have you tried it?

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Yes I am using that guide.

The first actual step is 'Import your website content from ’ that is where it fails. It will not import.

Where do I need to put the access token please? I don’t see that in the guide?

Hmm, I’m afraid we will need additional details in order to check everything.

I’ve sent you a direct message in order to solve this issue faster and privately.

I’m not seeing a DM yet?

Checking back it does seem to have done something

But of course I don’t actually see ‘undefined’ there

The DM should be received by now, as well as the follow-up email.