Getting an error when uploading base translatable file (en_ca.json)

The exact error I receive is: ‘Uploaded file “en_ca.json” is invalid and cannot be processed.’
This is after I’ve already integrated it into my GitHub repository for the project.

Here is the crowdin project: Incantation translations in Crowdin
Here is the Github Repo (just in case that’s important):

Screenshot of the screen/error (in case that’s also important):

Let me know if I should provide any other details

Fixed It, apparently, Crowdin doesn’t recognize .json files if there’s a comment like:
// Example Comment

I guess it’s because of comment type or so. Probably there was a need to use “dest” pattern and specifying another type than .json during upload. But most likely I suppose it’s a style of comments or other staff, because most popular json’s should be automatically parsed during upload.