Get Account Usage / Plan Usage via API?

We plan on monitoring our account/plan usage, specifically the total number of hosted words.

One part of monitoring would be to get the hosted word count from Crowdin, and report it to an another tool.

Is there an API or something to get account/plan info, and especially the hosted word count?

Looking at the API doc, it seems we could calculate the total word count by listing all projects, and iterating over them doing translation status requests, and then adding up the word count for all languages. Should be doable - but fairly complicated for what it does. Plus, this would only cover word count, but not other account/plan related info.

Any advice or tipps, anyone?

In Crowdin Enterprise there’s a whole organization status report/page, like a whole report for all projects owned by organization. A nice one. Don’t even require API.

In default Crowdin, well, hard to say. Maybe you’ll find something custom in store but I don’t know.

Probably you need to run this report by via API

Then as you said summ everything. Or use branches, then 1 reports for 1 project will be enough, because in 1 project can be 100+ branches from different repositories.

You can also monitor account usage in account settings - payments or in pricing page.