Generate v1 API Token


We have our integration with Crowdin API v1 based on maven mojo (plugin). This plugin uses API v1 of Crowdin (we are aware of its deprecation) and it works great with our previous Crowdin projects. However, when we tried to create a new project, we couldn’t find how to generate a legacy token (the v2 token doesn’t work). The problem is we need much more time and resources to update our plugin to v2. We are stuck generating a v1 token. Could you help us, please?

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Existing integration are still supported (at least I have a friend who use v1 api) but there’s no option to create new, I guess it was cut off from UI and so on. Maybe some Crowdin developer could create new token from database but you need to reach them directly in this case, it’s a security-privacy things.

Still, I’d say it’s pointless, because as I heard, all users already moved to v2, and Crowdin will totally drop v1 support in the middle of this spring, maybe 1.5-2 months left. So you would be anyway forced to move to v2. Try postman for now, it has pre made api calls and Crowdin’s library