Frontend shows incorrect folder name when using language mapping with custom code

The frontend does not show the correct folder when using a language mapping with custom code. An example in the image below with:

  • Language mapping using custom code for Dutch language and locale nl-nl
  • Frontend UI shows folder en-us where nl-nl is expected

Mapping is not displayed in preview, only after files are exported.

Plus, it looks like source folder, en-us. Even without mapping Dutch doesn’t have a code similar to en-us. Locale Dutch is by default nl-NL

Thank you for responding and you are correct that it “looks like” the source folder but it should display nl-nl IMO. FYI:

  • You are correct. We use custom nl-nl instead of default nl-NL
  • All locales are in the same folder. So both source language en-us and all other variants
  • This language (Dutch) has already been pushed towards our repo using the Github Integration and merged, does that count as “after being exported”?

Also, I am pretty sure that this is just a representation issue (and not really using the en-us source folder) as can be seen in this example:

  • Hindi language
  • Custom language mapping hi-in
  • Hindi translation currently at 29% (meaning it using the correct translation)
  • Locale folder shown should be hi-in however, IMHO

You can try all languages, all of them will have en-us folders.

Maybe it’s possible to change in configuration file, using some of those dest things, but don’t know. Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal

Translator see the path where sources are stored. If the source stored in en-us folder, this name will be displayed for translator. Regardless from language he/she chose, always will be en-us.

The resulting files (translations) are visible only in you localisation branch in Github.


Yes that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clarifying, much appreciated!

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