Free Projects got suspended

Hey, trying to use crowding as a translation tool for my open source projects. After the 14 day periode expired my projects got suspended and I cannot figure out what exactly is the issue.

Right now I do have 2 public projects which both use a GitHub integration with a single branch. This branch does use multiple filters. I disables all the ML features just to be save and already deleted a project which added another file format. There are no managers created.

I limited myself to 3 different file format’s since this is the limit for the free plan. It looks like my projects are inside of the restrictions but somehow they are still suspended. Not sure what exactly I do miss here.

Since the open source projects are super small and only I do work on them without any collaborators I cannot request an open source license.


Edit: Added more details.

Hi @XanatosX the account was suspended since the 14-day free trial expired. In order to keep using the platform, you may subscribe to a Crowdin Free plan here

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That was easy, somehow I was thinking it automatically does activate the free plan after the trail runs out.

Thank you :slight_smile: