Flacky behaviour since 9th of Aug 16:00 CET

Hello, I am experiencing several issues with using crowdin since 9th of Aug 16:00 CET:

  • yesterday I got for 30 minutes 500 while downloading the bundle via API
  • then 4 of my translation keys that I have added with the same structure like before were suddenly deleted
  • retried adding these translations again and after 7 minutes they were deleted again

I have checked the history and was never at same point overwritting my translations - we are also adding the keys via the UI and dowloading the bundle via the API .

sample of the new keys:
“applications”: {
“createNew”: {
“dialog”: {
“header”: “Create new application”,
“placeholder”: “Application Name”,
“label”: “Name”,
“confirm”: “Create app”
I don’t even have the option of doing an undo :

Hi there,

First of all, sorry for the inconvenience. No worries, you can always restore the file to the previous version at the Sources menu → Files tab → click on the digit in the Revision column for the preferred file and then click Restore near the preferred files version, please see screenshot below:

As for the strings being deleted, it would be helpful if you could send the screenshot of the strings in the old and new strings in your file so we could compare them? Most likely the structure/strings indeed differ in both files so that is why some strings were deleted during update

might it be a reserved keyword issue: a I am using “createNew” in the structure tree of the keyword identifier?

Hello @e.tschimev

Our system checks string keys in order to see whether there should be a change or not. For example, you may have a file:

“key1_1_1”: “text for translation 1_1_1_1”
“key2_2_2”: “text for translation 2_2_2_2”

If you change 1st key, let’s say, from “key1_1_1” to “keykeykey1”, the system will record this change and as a result, you’ll have 1 string deleted + 1 string added.

More information can be found here