Finding total translated word for any specific language

How can I find the total number of translated words for Bengali? It is showing just for one year where I’m trying to find out for last 7 years. Help Please!

Hi, @sadia_afroze

Do you need to generate a report per project, or per your user profile only? If 1st, you need to ask the owner/manager about it. If 2nd, try the “My contribution” report, with the selected time range.

Neither actually. Thanks for your support. I’m actually looking for the report of a specific language. I need the total translated word of Bengali from Khan Academy Translation project. So do I need to contact KA Translation Manager?

@sadia_afroze well there’s no a report like that. I mean, there’s only up to date project status and so on.

But there could be a workaround I believe. You can ask Manager to generate Top Members report for Bengali language with needed timeframe (7 years as you mentioned previously). Then, export this report in MS Excel. There should be a column with translated words amount per each user, you can just sum up these amount with formula, SUMM= (cell1:cellX).

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Thanks a lot. A great help indeed!

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@sadia_afroze glad to hear it worked for you :hugs: