Files target languages being specified while 1st update

I know it’s possible to configure the table files when you upload them first time into Crowdin. But what about not tables file, like a MS Word or Json? How to specify during first upload their parameters, like for which languages they should be available for translation because I don’t want them to be available for all of languages I have.

If you use integration like Github, or API, or CLI for the file upload, you can specify the language availability option. I think it’s not presented in UI just not to confuse users.

For the file, Word’s .docx files are not key-based, Crowdin can’t match old strings with their translations if you update the file, that is why all translation that goes after the updated string is deleted because the system thinks that these are new strings.

Run the pre-translation from TM, it will bring the suggestions back :slight_smile: