Files are not synched from Contentful to Crowdin

Hello anyone!

For some reason, I cannot sync my files from Contentful to Crowdin. They appear in the integration preview but are not added. I see such a wanring as well: “To synchronize content with Crowdin, configure source locales in the App Settings” :disappointed_relieved:

Do you know what’s the reason? I have the English both in Crowdin and Contentful


Hi there,

Currently, the mentioned integration works in the way that it assigns to all languages (including the source one) the locale code. So actually in Crowdin en-US code is defined for English source language while on Contentful, it has just en code.

To make it work, would you please if it is possible to change the source language from English (en) to English, United States (en-US) in Contentful > Settings > Locale tab?

Right after that everything should work like a charm


Thank you Olena, that did the trick!