File XML download is not working

File XML download is not working

Hello there, something with file or translation added. Did you check translation, maybe some tags inside are broken? Or the source file, did you run the test via validator?

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no, what is it and where can I do it?

Perhaps it’s related to translation export patterns. Does it match the translation path you have (file settings - resulting after translation)

There are a lot of tools for validation in google, I use this one when I need to check something:

Thank you! It will be helpful in the future.

Now, the support team has helped me to change the file format.
The question is closed.

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Hello @Memka

Thanks for the answer, I’ve double-checked our internal system - it seems the Crowdin Support team did a great job and went far beyond with the solution. You had some custom scripts enabled from our side, so default recommendations didn’t work as expected.

All in one, now we can consider this topic as closed.