File merging in Crowdin?

Me again, specific question.

How to merge 2 files in Crowdin? I have 2 folders, in 1 both of them are .json, in 2 both are text documents (MS Word). All content is 70-80% translated. I’d like to merge them (into 1 big file) without translation progress being lost.

Hi Oleg, it’s not possible to merge files in Crowdin, the tool wasn’t designed for such purposes. But I’ve just googled, there are a lot of articles within the internet, for example this one (8 years old but I’m sure you can find something more fresh): php - How to merge two JSON files into one - Stack Overflow

From the Crowdin side, there will be 2 options for you.

1st - don’t delete old files, and turn on Duplicates option. So once the new big-merged would be uploaded, strings inside it would be duplicates, and shared translation from existing one. Then, delete the old files.

2nd - delete old files, upload new big one, and run the Translation memory pre translate. As a downside, authority of suggestions would be lost, but if you’re a member of small team it shouldn’t be the problem at all.