Figma plugin - see keys linked to which screens

It’s a two part topic:

  1. Right now, when you use the Crowdin plugin with a Figma file and it has linked keys, it only tells you that keys are linked but doesn’t show you which specific screens they’re linked to. Is there a method to find out exactly which screens are linked to a key, especially if it’s linked to more than one screen, without selecting all the screens on the page?
  2. Is there a way show a key as unlinked on a specific screen if it’s actually linked to text on a different screen within the same page? This is for cases where I select a screen, search for a key that appears linked, but it’s linked elsewhere, not on the screen I’m looking at.

Hi @Georgeab !

Will check everything from our side and will come back with updates!

Dear @Georgeab !

Coming back to you as promised!

Just wanted to let you know that there is an option to show linked strings to the selected screen. Just select the needed frame and click on the Filter strings button. You are welcome to take a look at the screenshot attached below:

More about Figma you may find here:

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