Figma plugin not updating the linked keys

We started linking text in Figma to Crowdin via the plugin, but at some point, some text was updated in Crowdin and saved. However, after hitting “refresh Data” in the plugin, only the list of keys was updated, while the linked text in the UI did not change. Is this a known behavior?
We expected that once the data is refreshed, the linked UI keys would also update to the new text.

Hi @Georgeab,

We had a chat today and as a result, I passed on your concerns regarding Figma integration to our developers. We will keep you informed as soon as we have updates!

Meanwhile, sorry for the inconvenience, and have a nice day ahead :pray:t2:

Hello @Georgeab

So, we checked with the team, and it looks like we have the feature you need.

Would you be able to try Preview in the current page with the Source language being selected?

Hey Dima,
Thank you for the reply, but that was not what I was referring to. I know this option, and it is manual.
I am referring to an automatic update of the Figma UI if a synced key has changed in the text.
Use case:
We have a feature that consists of 10 screens in the user flow. All screens are in Figma, and all text is synced with Crowdin. Now, let’s say we analyze the metrics, and the outcome is that the texts are not clear enough and need updating.
We updated the source and translations in Crowdin. But now, after clicking “refresh Data” in the Figma plugin, the actual UI text does not update automatically to the new text available in Crowdin.

Hi @Georgeab By clicking on Preview in the current page you will update the string (so the text that was changed in Crowdin project will now appear on your frame as well

Ok, but that is done manually. So if I have 20 keys across 20 screens updated, I have to manually go and hit preview on all of them, right?
I was wondering if there is an automatic way the keys would update in Figma once they were updated in Crowdin. It will be really hard to check 400+ screens manually for an update.

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Yes, at the moment we recommend only the option with the Preview in the current page feature

@Georgeab: the “Refresh Data” button isn’t meant to update texts in the design, it only fetches new data from Crowdin to work within the plugin (e.g. string list, file list, etc.).

There is no need to do it manually for all screens. You can just click the All Frames button to update all English texts on the current page for the linked strings.

That is a solution, but a partially manual one at that. In the sense that someone has to open the file, go to the page, try and guess what project should be linked (if they are on other linked projects), and manually tap “all frames”.
I was referring to an automatic feature that could identify and update the links on the plugin open.

Hi @Georgeab understand. This was already passed to the team to keep this improvement in mind

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Great to hear. Thanks all for your help