Feature request - dismissable QA checks

I’d like a feature where translators can dismiss QA checks. I get a bunch of those especially for incorrect or missing plural markup in the source strings, and it’s costing me a lot of time to have to recheck them every time there’s an update.

Also, my ending punctuation has to differ from the source string sometimes.

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It already exists.

Proofreaders and Managers have an option, when they add translation and the QA check says that something is wrong, they can click the pop-up message “save anyway”.

I’m not sure that someone will add this for translators as well, because a lot of companies use community (crowdsource) to translate, and if all of 'em will skip the QA it can simply break the files

In addition to being upped to Proofreader, the probable solution is disable the QA in the Editor settings (wheel button). Not sure if it’s avaialelbe for Translator, but I as manager have one

Thanks for your reply. This is solving the wrong problem though. The “save anyway” function is available to me and it’s fine.

Also, I do not want to globally switch off all QA checks or types of QA checks, because I want to use them to catch actual errors.

I translate offline and after uploading, I filter for all strings that are flagged up with QA checks. I go through those strings and correct any actual mistakes.

This means that QA check alerts on individual strings that aren’t actual bugs will remain in place.

So, when the source file is updated, I translate offline again and upload my new translation, and then I have to go through all the QA checks that I had previously checked again, because there might be new hits for the strings that I just translated.

The reason I translate offline is that I’m a software localizer and my translation memory also contains many projects that are not on Crowdin. This way, I get maximum terminology consistency across all pieces of software I translate.

I’m not sure that the stuff you’re requesting will be implemented, a rare request.

As it seems to me, the platform was designed mainly as all in one tool, with it’s own QA, Editor for translation, Translaiton memory, etc.

Offline translation workflow means that if suggestions are already made offline, they should be right, no need to QA them.

Yeah, I also know this. People I work with also import suggestions via offline. Still it’s just a spreadsheet Excell tables, so maybe another workflow is used.

Since I work on 50+ projects who all have their own placeholder syntax & QA requirements, it’s hard to have my own offline QA configured for every projects. I’m a programmer and could define some placeholder regex if the tool lets me, most translators won’t understand how to do that.

There are only 2 regular volunteer localizers for my language and we have to try to cover everything from Firefox to computer games, hence the huge list of projects. So, our time is at a premium. I should definitely look into MemoQ’s QA tools though. With the default settings, I have found them to be noisy beyond the point of uselessness and the UX very clunky, so it’s a lot easier for me to do the QA part of my translation work on the online platforms (Crowdin, Transifex, Weblate) who usually have their specific rules already in place.

Try requesting a feature if it get some votes it should be considered to implement

But I’ve searched for the same topics here in community and didn’t find something similar, so maybe it’s not a hot one and will be gathering needed vote amount for a long time.