Feature request: allow to copy link to a string in Proofreading mode

Translation mode allows copying link to particular string for sharing with other translators and proofreaders, but when in Proofreading mode, i do not see any simple way to link translators to particular string without annoying switching to translator mode.

Should be possible with doing to string settings (3 dots near the string in editor → copy URL link to string)

Note that is user is not a proofreader, he/she will not be able to access this link becuase of translation\proofread mode have different URLs

And in most case its enough to add coment in editor (with mention of translators)

I can see one three dots button on the top, but not next to the string. Yes it links to a proofreading. When the link is clicked by translator, they should be automatically redirected to translation mode?

Adding comment seems to be non-optimal, because it distract everyone, not just intended recipient and it is using space possibly indefinately.

I was thinking about this one

No, they should be auto rerdirected, they’ll need to switch the hyperlink to their mode. Or to switch directly from editor.

To me it seems that default workflow is either comments that can be deleted after they solved, or 1 user who does both proofread and translation.

Seems like a translation mode. Proofreading mode has it outside of the string are on the top of the page which is not so convenient and i was not even thinking this … menu in proofreading mode is related to any particular string.

In Enterprise version there’s also editor settings. But @Maximus_Lopes is right, there’s another logic that in default crowdin com, and if something works in a special way, there should be a reason for that, and most users should be satisfied, othervise there should be tons of angry feedback.