Feature: being able to subscribe/follow comments issue solution without commenting


when i am not 100% sure about context of some string, but only very likely i know how it should be translated, i approve the string because the translation difference would be only cosmetic.

I am seeing someone added new comment(issue for lack of context), I would like to be able to first follow/subscribe to such comment/issue to receive e-mail notification once it is solved, approve the translation and once i receive notification about issue solution, i can get back to issue and verify it is indeed well translated.

I would not want to receive notification about each comment, but only solution of particular comment/issue and possibly remove subscription once visiting the page from e-mail or removed automatically by system upon sending e-mail.

This one should help. Project owner need to configure it. Can be combined with another webhooks.

The only option for you, I don’t think that this will be added as a main feature to out-of-the box functions because it looks like it’s too complicated for average user. Can be confusing.