Extract only certain json file values to translate instead of all the keys and values

Hello, I’m totally a newbie with crowdin and i18n in general.
I need to import in crowdin (or syncronized them via gitlab integration) but right know Crowdin is asking me to translate all the strings inside them: all keys and values.
In that way I need to manually delete everything that should not be translated.
What I need is an automatic way to instruct Crowdin to parse a json file and ask me to translate certain values only.
After that I need to download from crowdin the gnugettext a single PO file with the string translation all the json files.

Let take an example of a json files:

    "data": [
            "description": "description_values_to_translate_number1",
            "goods": []
            "description": "description_values_to_translate_number2",
            "goods": []

I only need to translate “description_values_to_translate_number1” and “description_values_to_translate_number1” without the need to manually delete all the string exported.

I have a bunch of json files with different data structures, after the translation of the string I need to obtain a single gnugettext PO file containing the translations for all the json files.

Is that possible?

Hi @lomiz,

You are welcome to try our Regex Content Processor. It allows setting your own rules for the imported and exported files. Kindly check the app in our Store.

Hello Tania, thanks for the quick response.
Do you think is preferable to create an already preprocessed json file externally givin to crowdin something like this:

    "data": ["description_values_to_translate_number1", "description_values_to_translate_number2"]

or use the Regex Content Processor?

Is the Regex Content Processor also the answer for the second part of my question about obtaining a single .PO file containing the translation of all the json files?

If you upload the file with string as in your example, then both parts will still be uploaded to your project. However, if you want to hide some strings during the upload so that they are not available for translation, you are welcome to use the app :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the second question, currently, all translations can be downloaded in one file only as CSV or XLSX. Alternatively, there is a possibility to export each file in another format by using Bundles.

Hello Tania, I managed to successfully get the files using the Bundles.

Do you think the Regex Content Processor still works also if I syncronize Crowdin with my Gitlab repository via the Gitlab integration or the App preprocess uploaded files only?

Thank you so much for all the tips you are giving to me!

Hello @lomiz, happy to hear that you managed to get the files using the Bundles :slight_smile:

As for the Regex Content Processor app, it works for files imported both via UI and integrations.

Happy to help :hugs: