Exporting Specific Language Translations in CrowdIn v2

I’m having trouble exporting translations for a specific language using the CrowdIn v2 API. Previously, with v1, I could use the endpoint:


to export the translation.json file for the Hindi language (code: hi).

In v2, I’ve tried using the /api/v2/projects/{{projectId}}/translations/exports endpoint with the following body, and also installed the JSON String Exporter for my user.

{ "targetLanguageId": "en", "format": “crowdin-json" }

However, if I run the API call I just get back the following There is no application found that can handle crowdin-json file type

Is there something I’m missing that I have to do before I can use the JSON String Exporter?

Hello @timohorizon!

From what I can see in my database, you’re not an owner of the Project, so JSON String Exporter app cannot be used on the existing project.

Also, you should share the “targetLanguageId”: “en” to “targetLanguageId”: “hi”, since you want to export Hindi translations. Please give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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Hi Diana!

Thanks for the quick response. The v1 was just an example; I did in fact want to export the “en” translations. I just phrased it a bit confusingly.

However, it makes sense now why I received the error message. Thanks a lot!