Exported markdown no longer keeps the same format

I’m having an issue where indented Markdown text is being reformatted as text fenced in with backticks now, which does not work for our site generator.

Source file:

Exported translation:

(note the indents now being interpreted as a code block and the paragraph fenced with backticks at Line 14 in the export above)

I think this is new Crowdin behavior because it is only happening with recently modified files. This is a problem for us because this isn’t a code block, it’s meant to be an admonition (https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/reference/admonitions/#usage - I can’t add more links as a new forum user) (a markdown extension added by mkdocs-material), so this new format doesn’t get rendered properly.

Anything we can do to get the old behavior back?

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Hello @jonaharagon

Hope you’re doing just great and sorry for the late reply, it seems we’ve missed the notification about your response :frowning:

I know about the recent MD version change (well, new versions are added from time to time, we can’t keep an outdated parser) but it may affect only converted MD files (like the ones that are extracted from site builders or so).

We might be able to assist you, but I’ll need some extra info on the matter. I contacted you via email, please check your mailbox.