Export .properties

Hello, I am thinking about using crowdin.
I’m doing various tests, is there a way to extract the translated files with .properties file extension?
There are only three options for bundle: xliff, ios, and android.


If you don’t change the translation export path, and is you uploaded .properties files, after all project being downalod you should receive a .zip arcive with your files but for all languages, like french_file.properties, german_file.properties and so on

There’s also a new feature called Bundles, Project Settings | Crowdin Documentation and I saw in marketpace there’s few more options to be downloaded, maybe .properties also exist there.

Maybe also try CLI, it allows to upload a file with specific type being specified, even if default parses recognizes it differently

Thank you for answer.

However, there is no .properties options in the bundle. The store says that the .properties option is a default option, but I can’t find how to extract the uploaded Excel file into .properties.
Maybe it has something to do with the plan?

I don’t think this is possible. For now bundles support 6 formats, resx, csv, json, xliff, andorid, ios, there’s no option to receive .properties if you upload .xslx spreadsheet as source.

Try changing workflow and upload .properties as source file, of work with multilingual spreadsheet.


Hello @dojeung.hwang please check this one Properties String Exporter