Exlude labels broken

Since yesterday exclude labels is broken - seems it joins the selected labels with a “or” instead of a “and”

Hi @MSAbaddon ! Passing this to the team so that they could check it

@Ira Any update on this? Not being able to exclude labels properly makes managing large projects nearly impossible unfortunately.

Hi @MSAbaddon,

We already created the task on the matter to fix it, however, I’m afraid there are no updates yet as the team is pretty busy lately. Sincerely hope for your understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

(internal task for support team CN-40371)

@Olena is there a site on crowdin to look up if there is any progress on this issue?

Hi there,

No, it is our internal system,

However, I have updates on the matter regarding the labels. Turns out it was not a bug. Our team made some changed the logic and now exclude and include labels work only via AND

Before it worked include via AND and exclude via OR. Now both filters work the same.

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Ok, that’s actually really bad tbh - exclude should be linked with OR, not with AND… or there should be an option to choose between AND and OR.

Thank you for the feedback :pray:

Already passing it on to the Product team

So do we have any news on this?

@Olena Do you know anything new to this topic?

Hi Vendergast

I passed on this request to the Product team, however, they informed me that reverting the changes back is not on our roadmap. But that you a lot for this suggestion!