Exclude subdomain from translation


We are using the Webflow integration which is using the js-proxy script integration. As part of the initialisation, the domain is passed to ourdomain.com. This causes issues with our technical documentation which is hosted at docs.ourdomain.com as it passes the parameter ?lng=en to the end of the URL.

Is there a way to prevent the js-proxy script from passing the parameter to this specific path?

There is an option in the application settings (Webflow)

Site settings → Paths. You can play around with them.

Also I assume you have a detection based on “Subdomain”, go to language detect type switcher and change to Query parameter as a default one, this should help.

This one if be more strict
js web

Thank you. I have set these pages as excluded, updated the distribution script, however whenever I navigate to api.mydomain.com from a link on my webflow page, it still attempts to add the querystring to the end of that as api.mydomain.com/?lng=en, breaking the link as that particular site does not accept parameters.

Hello, @kirkryan

I’d like to check this from my side, whether it’s expected behavior or not. In case I’ll need more details I’ll contact you via private message.

Thanks @Dima - will keep an eye out!

HI @kirkryan

We’ve discussed this internally and seems there’s something we can do for you, but I need to check a few assumptions first.

Please provide me with the URL link to your website, documentation, and project in Crowdin (this one can be as an ID) here privately, using direct message.

HI, how do I DM you @Dima?

By clicking on my username, there will be a “message” button.

Don’t worry, I’ve already sent you a message, you will receive a notification and can continue the conversation there.