Excel file uploads eternity

How can I speed up the process of uploading excel spreadsheets? Last time I’ve tried, about 2 weeks ago, the fist time it has take 40 minutes to upload, 2nd and 3rd tie, it hadn’t finished even after hour.

I know my files are quite big, 20-25mb each (bilingual translation to my main spreadsheet - it’s really more bigger), still, maybe there’s any solution on the matter?

@GregoryLanncved hello:)

2 weeks ago, yes? Well, must say it’s been about ±3 days we’ve released an improvement that speeds up the process for large spreadsheets to be uploaded. Not it’s highly faster than it was before.

Just tried within my test project, experience I’ve gotten by uploading a 37 MB test file is very positive.

You may consider giving spreadsheets localization one more try:)

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Awesome, thanks, just tried with 21 mb file, and all looks way better:))))