Excel file highlights with red - what's the point?

Hi, my Excel tables highlight with red in Crowwdin, but a few days ago they had totally normal color, no highlights. What can be the issue and what consequences it can cause? Red color should be an issue identification, am I right?

100% the file has an outdated scheme in the project, because a new language has been added to the project, and the file scheme has not yet been configured for it. See below:

You can update the source file with a new schema so that the target languages match the columns in your file (content tab > files > click the 3 dots next to the needed file > change scheme)

Plus, current scheme you can check with 1 tricky move, by switching to specific language and trying to upload some translation with 3 dots button (Home > click language > click 3 dots > click upload translations > see the scheme)