Error Installing "JSON String Exporter" Integration

I’m having issues using the api format crowdin-json after having installed the JSON String Exporter.

I’ve asked the owner to install the JSON String Exporter as an integration, but he only had the options to install the integration for all users and not the actual project. Thus, he installed it for all the users.

Meaning, if I now call the following API endpoint:


with the following body:

    "targetLanguageId": "en",
    "format": "crowdin-json"

I’m still getting the following error:

    "error": {
        "message": "There is no application found that can handle crowdin-json file type",
        "code": 422

I wasn’t able to find any documentation on this. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Hi there,

Could you please try to specify the format as “json” not “crowdin-json”?

BTW, it is possible to select the user who can access the app, kindly check the screenshot below:

Hi Tetiana,

Thanks a lot for the screenshot. The owner did install the JSON String Exporter for “All project members”. Thus, I should have access to it as I’m a member of the project, correct?

If I do change the API call format to json I receive the following response. Is there something I’m missing?

Sure, all project members should be able to access the app

As for your question, could you please try the following methods instead?

  1. Crowdin API v2 Reference (File-based)
  2. Crowdin API v2 Reference (File-based)

Thanks for the other endpoints. We initially used the previous endpoint mentioned, as it seems to export the content of the project straight away, which we can then use in our app.

However, with the endpoints you just provided we seem to be getting a response which contains a URL, which we have to click to get the actual file.

Is there a different endpoint which would allow us to export the content (in json format) straight into our application. So, that we just get a response which contains all the data of the file?

P.S. I don’t know if it helps, but the JSON String Exporter isn’t shown in the actual integrations tab, but only if I explicitly search for it.


JSON String Exporter should be displayed in the Project settings > Parcer Configuration tab, kindly check the screenshot below:

Just wanted to clarify that if you download your content in a different file format then json, you should configure the Bundles feature:

After configuring feel free to use the following endpoint:

And keep the following body:
“targetLanguageId”: “en”,
“format”: “crowdin-json”

Hi Tetiana,

Thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately, it’s still not showing up for me. In the screenshots, one can see that the JSON String Exporter is installed but doesn’t show up in the Project settings → Parcer Configuration.

Is there another step that I have to do, but am I missing? Like, do I need to configure a bundler or something else?

Hi @timohorizon looks like you installed the app from your own account while searching for it in somebody else’s project. The app should be installed by the project owner