Error for EN to ES translation using WPML

Hi I want to translate my wordpress site from English US to Spanish MX using WPML but getting the error below
I already made sure the language codes are matching and tested two other languages and integration works fine for those (Greek and Russian) can anyone help troubleshoot this? I have another colleage that is having the same issue translating from English to Spanish
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(27) Crowdin doesn’t support the following language pair: en → es.
Please contact Crowdin and ask them to add mapping for en to es, so they can receive this job. You can send them this email:
Dear Crowdin,
I wanted to let you know that you’re currently not supporting en to es which I am hoping to use on my website.
Could you update the configuration to ensure it works for me in the future?

Rollback jobs…

Batch rolled back

You need to do a language mapping (Project setttings → language mapping → add mapping)

The WordPress codes looks like this one

|English (Australia)|en-au|en_AU|
|English (Canada)|en-ca|en_CA|
|English (UK)|en-gb|en_GB|

|Spanish (Argentina)|es-ar|es_AR|
|Spanish (Chile)|es-cl|es_CL|
|Spanish (Colombia)|es-co|es_CO|
|Spanish (Mexico)|es-mx|es_MX|
|Spanish (Peru)|es-pe|es_PE|
|Spanish (Puerto Rico)|es-pr|es_PR|
|Spanish (Spain)|es|es_ES|
|Spanish (Venezuela)|es-ve|es_VE|

In Crowdin, English (en) is en-EN

You need in the mapping to change English to locale with underscore to en_US