Error 500 using the "JSON String Exporter"


We are getting an “error 500” using the “JSON String Exporter” in our project.

This is the API call we are doing (using a bearer token):

method: POST
body: json
    "targetLanguageId": "es-ES",
    "format": "crowdin-json"

doc: API v2 Reference

Because there is no error description we don’t know if the error is an issue in the exporter or if we are missing something.

We have a “Crowdin Business Platinum Plan”.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, does it work if using the user interface from your project? Maybe it’s only an api issue.

Error 500 means internal server error. At least this is said in documentation. In the api logs of project in ui it should be somewhere in the “calls with issue”, the red one.

If another calls works fine, like export translation default one, without specifying the crowdin-json type, then it’s something definitely with exporter.

Do you work with own environment or with a common tool? I mean, in own environment you can configure something not right, and in for example Postman Crowdin has a lib with call, all should be working properly.

Maybe your format is not compatible with this extension. Or project wasn’t build. So can’t convert. But I assume it works with UI only. Or as @KyllianH1 said, works with Postman calls only.