Enterprise Custom Code

Hey, checking Enterprise version, have some questions about this Custom Code workflow block. I see from docs it should work just like filter yes? Can I use the combination like some file/branch name and string length or something like that? Would be thankful for any tips.

Hi @TailorWeexed

Should work, for the string length use context.maxLength and for the file/branch detection there are a few options, kindly check:

  1. file.name – source file name
  2. file.fullName – full path to the source file in the project (excluding branch if any)
  3. file.branchName – branch name the source file is stored in

Try using this tool, it checks the code and has some pre-made samples for comparison: Crowdin Script Editor

@Dima thanks for providing this, I’ve also just give it a try and filter per branch works perfectly. Didn’t dig too deep for now, but from the first look it seems this code-filter works great :slightly_smiling_face: