Enduser experience and "wishes"

there are lot of changes going on the native website: I’m working on the translation of it. Trying to avoid unnecessary / double work here. How often the native material is updated and how do I notice it, as a part-time translator.

A version update date included in material could help a bit.

Also databased managing/leading could help to prioritize the relevant topics to translate, in the future. At the moment it is not reasonable (the first round in my native language). Still it could become relevant: translators to see the updates and trending topics. Maybe even localize the content in good order.

Thanks and nice tool you have created!

Hello, what website you’re translating, and what trending topics you need to see? :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably you need to ask the project manager to create tasks with priority levels so you can translated the things that your team need at the moment. Also, you may need to ask manager to enable duplicates sharing + translation memory auto pre translate in order not to translate things twicely. Hope this helps.

Hello, (my question as a development-act) it is not relevant, what is the site I am translating. I assume that translators working with Crowdin have similar situations. At the moment I am translating ethereum.org -website as a hobby and to increase the knowledge.

As Ethereum will grow globally, the core-team just must delegate more to achieve best possible results. Such global on-line -community needs interactive tools to support the independent actions of each and every member of community.

I think there should be “a must” for members to join the relevant meetings (to keep the joint goal chrystal-clear). Then it is about the trust and independent decisionmaking and actions of a person. Sorry for this long text, making things clear for my self as well.

Hello @pilvijo I guess it’s a great suggestion, but should be referred to Ethereum team managers. Crowdin is just a tool, and it already has the Knowledge base, YouTube channel with How-to? videos and some other learning things for newcommers.

What you suggest is more workflow based, so need to be passed to their team directly.

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