Enable pluralization for strings in project

Following the Online editor crowdin docs (Online Editor | Crowdin Documentation) I can see that there is a way to have a fluid and well integrated way to ask for plurals forms for languages (see screenshot from the docs).

But when searching online I can only find the ICU syntax to add plurals forms. The thing is that the ICU syntax is way less user friendly and does not export well with the json exporter.
This exporter also has an option to concatenate plural forms with the | symbole, which would be ideal for me while using the vue-i18n-next plugin. When using the ICU syntax plural forms are not exported that way and the ICU string is fully send without taking into account the exporter setting.

How can I enable the plural forms features for strings in my project that has a great UX for translators and that respects the exporter settings?

Hi @CaptainObvious ! Not all file formats support pluralization. If we are talking about csv then this format does not support it

Thanks! I used csv as it seems to be the default when I started my crowdin project. What is the file format that supports the most crowdin features? as I export to JSON anyway I don’t really care about how it is stored inside crowdin. Is it easy to migrate to another file format within crowdin?

There are lots of file format that supports pluralization and can be used for localization in Crowidn, for example: yml, po, xliff

Feel free to check all supported file formats following the URL below:

Thanks for your help! What is the best way to change file format within crowdin? Is there an option to do so? Should I export everything with a new bundle in the new file format then re-import the newly exported files into crowdin? What crowdin specific metadata will be lost if I do such an operation?

Hi @CaptainObvious,

Currently, there is no way to change the file format once the file is uploaded to Crowdin. You can select any preferable file format for you to work with plurals and upload this file as a new localizable file to Crowdin.

Since it is a newly uploaded file it will be untranslated. If you have already translated your CSV file you can enable the duplicate option to migrate the translations + approvals from your CSV file to the newly uploaded file.

Thanks for the great support! I will work on doing that.