Empty strings appearing from different users every day

Hi there! Recently we’ve got a lot of “Empty strings” for our project Ant Colony 2 dashboard in Crowdin in different languages from different users. But mostly for Chinese Simplified.

We first thought that it was some attack to ruin the translation for the game, but after we looked closely - we found out that same users sometimes answer with normal translation, sometimes with Empty.

Yesterday i cleaned Chinese Simplified translations, removing huge part of it, bc its was Empty.

And today i actually catched fresh member getting same mistake. Take a look - he entered 2 strings that passed and 2 strings became empty.

In table it looks like this:
One translation is OK

The other one is Empty

Can you help u figure out, what is causing this issue?

Hi @PixelCells,

Sometimes translators can leave empty translations by themselves. Have you contacted the person who left those translations?

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We don’t have contacts on them

@PixelCells ,

There is a possibility to message users directly in Crowdin: