Email notifications on new added strings do not come

Hi everyone, I’ve encounted something rather strange, and I’d like to have your advise on it. I’m a project manager, and I’d like to have the email notifications for created issues, context requests, mentions, project progress, and on the new strings being added to the project. Most of the notifications work just fine, but I had no luck with the last notification type - new strings added. I’ve enabled the notifications in the Account settings, and I do get all of them on the email - except new strings added. And it’s not like there weren’t any new strings in the project at all, we add them on a daily basis (that’s why I’d like to have an email notifications). So am I just in a bad luck or the option just doesn’t seem to work?

Hi, I’m a project manager myself, while setting up the project on Crowdin I’ve found the additional notifications’ options that could be enabled specifically for the particular project. If you go to the General tab and scroll down a bit, there’ll be a Notifications settings and specifically - “Notify translators about new stings”, there is even the option for project managers to get the same notifications. I have a theory (Sherlock style theory :D) that such notifications are not turned on in your project settings, that is why you get all the sorts of email notifications, except the new strings being added. Can you check if it so, and if my theory was correct? Hope you’ll start getting notifications after that