Does dialects for language is shown in Editor?

I’ve done some tests with translation memory, I created a test Spanish and marked it as a dialect of Spanish, but in the field Search TM there is no record. How exactly dialeces work? I know that if I translate Spanish, when I donwload translation from Crowdin I will receive those spanish translation for both spanish and test spanish. But what about search, about editor?

For example, there are 2 languages: Spanish Spanish and Spanish Bolivia (dialect, at least I think so)

In the section in Editor “TM suggestion” for the Spanish Bolivia, the system will show the translation from Spanish Spanish.

But this does not apply to Search TM. If you open a dialect language in the editor and look for a record from the original language in the Search TM field, you will not find anything.

That’s how system works. Don’t search for them, just go and translate one by one if you don’t like original language translations.