Does Crowdin editor supports superscripts and subscripts?

Hi, I’m wondering whether I can add translations with super or subscript into Editor. My source is missing them, and some languages like Spanish or Portuguese - for them it would be nice to have it.

I guess a lot of you folks have worked with that, but maybe in your language it’s called differently, so here’s the reference:

Maybe with some customs tags, I don’t know, or shortcuts.


Only in case they’re inside of your source files, or you use specific format.

The subscript and superscript is supported by the source files (format\extension). If they do support - Crowdin also would do it.

In file any script is marked with a tags. For example, in HTML there’s a tag called “sup”.

<sup> tag </sup> → it is used to add a superscript text to the HTML document.

In MS Word files (.docx) specific tags also exists, but “inside” the file, under the hood. In Word you wouldn’t see them, in other file-editor apps that support “source” view - you might be able to see them, and, anyway they would also be available in Crowdin’s Editor as well.

To write totally new tag in translation field, for html or some similar file formats it should be possible, for others - can’t say, you need to give it a test.


@Alessandro_1two didn’t know it, very helpful, thanks!