Disable crush action when changing source value?


is there a way to disable the auto-crush option when we changing the source file value ?

In my example, I’m the main maintener of the project, but I’m mainly translate in french first and i have english / german translators.

So I’ll need to have english sources, to help german and english translators to find a way to translate, but I start by translate my French before english translated.

So, when someone push an english translation, it’s crush my french translation.

Sorry for my bad english and I wish you to understand what I meen :slight_smile: .

Thanks for answer.

PS: I use JSON

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Hi @Barikade,

Could you please share some examples for a better understanding? Do you mean you change the source language of your files, and existing translations disappear? Would you please also let me know your project name?

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Hi @TaniaM,
My project name : swc-translation
I have english source selected by default, and on my web project, i have one json file by page.

Ex: artefacts.json, consider having two keys to translate : SHI_HOU_BRAVERY and MEI_HOU_WANG_BRAVERY, I’m a french developer, so I add both keys in my english version of artefacts.json, but my value of both will be “SHI_HOU_BRAVERY” and “MEI_HOU_WANG_BRAVERY” because i don’t know the exact translation of it in english.
I push my translations to get the key in french version in Crowdin. So i’ll have my artefacts.json with :


I open Crowdin web site, I go on my artefacts.json in french version, and I will change both with my french translation. After it, i’ll pull translation and publish the web site. So on my web site, i’ll have the right french version of string (must users are french), and english version will be translated later when my english translator will done it.

When my english translators will go on english crowdin source, they will change the value of english translation for both key, and if I accept the translation and pull translations, my french version is crushed by the new english translations.

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Hi @Barikade ! As far as I can see/understand you first have the strings as “SHI_HOU_BRAVERY” for example and then you translated it to French
after that, you updated the source text (changed “SHI_HOU_BRAVERY” to a sentence) and at this point your translations are lost. Is that right? if yes, it is expected behaviour since the system “sees” that a source text was changed so the translation needs to be changed too. As a result, when translations are deleted, ou export you get english source text instead of translations

If you update source files via CLI, please try the option update without changes

Let us know if we got you right!


Hi @Ira,

Thanks for your answer, it’s exactly this, how can I try the option “update without changes” ?? This is exactly what I search for !

PS: Nevermind, I didn’t see your link card ^^.
PSS: Fine ! That was exactly the good answer ! You can close the ticket :slight_smile: see ya !