Difference in words amount in project reports?

Why there is different numbers in the reports? Even in my test project, where only me alone and my fake account, the my contribution report and project status are different? This is a bug?

Project Status report includes the duplicated suggestions made for the specific strings. For example, if the translator translated the same strings twice, the report will calculate 2 suggestions.

My contribution report always calculates how many source words/strings were translated. If the same strings were translated twice, the system will still count only one translation as only one source string was translated.

My contribution report will show you always only 1 suggestion as only one translation will be included in the exported file and shown on your website/app.

Actually, Project Status report shows the activity of your translators (how many translations were added), while My contribution report shows the exact amount of source strings/words that were translated and translators should be paid for them.